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I have been bicycle commuting since college and have been commuting to work regularly since then. Described below are some bicycle trips I have taken.

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The last few years, work and life and health got in the way. But making progress, due to neck arthritis, I had to change my flared drops to trekking bars. So been training and once Covid Ends I hope to do some cc (Credit Card) Touring.

Luckily for me, this winter has been very mild (so far), so on my next training ride I will post a picture of the re-configured Surly.


Bit of an update, all is well and came out of it fine, but got out of shape. Going forward will get back into shape and hope to start taking trips shortly!

LHT year to forget, 2012

Took sick in June by what could have been a serious illness, it was 100% cured by an operation in Sept. So, this derailed (pun intended??) any bike trips in 2012, now planning what to do for a trip in 2013!

LHT Bicycle Camping Tour of NH, 2011
see for 2010

I was planning on following this route route on a cc tour, but Hurricane Irene destroyed many bridges and roads in Vermont. So I planned a new trip (Plan B), this was suppose to go up to the White Mountains and beyond. But Week 1 of my vacation I caught a cold, and another but weak hurricane remnant came through at the same time, it rained hard during the week.

With a lot less time remaining, I decided to do "Plan C", this is a trip I have been planning for quite a while. In retrospect this was probably the best trip to take due to the changeability of the weather. I also wanted to wait until the heavy rain and my cold was gone.

This time I used a light "lighter" load. I called it "an ultra light tour on a 30 pound (13kg) bike". (I do not think the LHT. weighs 30 pounds (13kg), but the phrase sounds good). This is what my packed bike looked like and this what I carried. This time I weighed the load, turned out it was around 25 pounds (11kg). Past years I believed I carried around 40 pounds (18kg).

This map shows the route I took in New Hampshire. The bottom part pretty much aligns with the Mass/NH border. Red arrows shows where I spent the night, bright yellow lines show roads I took which are not on the map. The loop was counter clockwise. The route in Mass is quite easy and how to get to the start and end of this ride is described below at the end of this page. The important part is in NH.

Day 1 of 6: This was originally planned to be a 4 day tour. Total mileage was about 250 (400 km).

Day 2 of 6: Bear Brook State Park to The Maples at Warner

Day 3 of 6: The Maples at Warner to Pillsbury State Park

Day 4 of 6: Pillsbury State Park to Monadnock State Park

Day 5 of 6: Still at Monadnock State Park

Day 6 of 6: Monadnock State Park to home


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