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Bicycle Camping at Mt Monadnock, 2010
with the LHT

From Eastern Mass, there is pretty much one way to get there, find your way to Route 119 and stay on it, then 202N. Once in Townsend Mass, you have the option of taking Rt 124 North. I stuck with Rt 119 since it has more services (water, restrooms) when compared to 124. Route 124 is shaded and slightly shorter, but lack of services could be an issue. Both routes are quite pretty.

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How I ended up with a LHT

Last year (2009) my old Trek 750 bicycle gave out after a very hard 34,000 miles. The frame cracked.

I noticed the 750 frame had a lifetime warranty. So, I talked to the bicycle shop about it. They doubted I would receive frame as a replacement, I would have liked to receive a 520 Frame Set. But the shop owner and mechanics thought I would, at most, receive a gift certificate or maybe an Aluminum Frame Set. At the time, I agreed with them and doubted I would get a suitable replacement (re: touring) from Trek. This is due to the age and the fact I had an obsolete model. So I so I picked up a Surly LHT Frame Set.

After eight months after riding and enjoying the LHT, Trek sent me a brand new 520 Frame Set. This was a surprise to me, I would have built up the "free" 520 if it did not take so long to get it. So for now I plan on keeping the 520 frame for future use. I admire Trek for honoring the warranty, too bad it took so long.

As it turns out, the Surly LHT is a very good frame and I am quite happy with it. It reminds me of and rides like the Bridgestone XO-2 I use to own. The Bridgestone was destroyed many years ago in a car accident. The 750 was a replacement for the Bridgestone.

Camping Trip to Bear Brook State Park, 1998

On my last camping trip, I rode up to Bear Brook State Park and camped for memorial day weekend.

More to come.

Between 1996 and 2001, I did 6 Boston --> New York AIDS Rides and one Montreal to Portland AIDS Vaccine Ride. My cousin Paul also crewed those rides plus many other AIDS Rides I was not involved in.

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