R51e - Old Computer Challenge

2021 Old Computer Challange w/R51e

I decided to join the Old Computer Challenge using a Thinkpad R51e. Below, you can see a screen print and information from neofetch.


As you can see above, it exceeds the original requirements. It matches on everything except for memory. In the print I had reduced the memory to 1G, but doing that caused the CPU Temperature to peg at 80C (175F) when doing minor activities. So I chickened out and re-added the 1G to bring it back to 2G.

So yes, I "cheated" a bit, but being card carrying wimp I had no guilt. Actually it was not really cheating since I was using a 16 year old system. Maybe with more time I can come up with more rationalizations :)

I never used the R51e for such a long period of time, but I do use it every once in a great while for nostalgia and to backup important files. A friend gave it to me a few years ago. She moved to a MAC and it was sitting idle for quite a while. If you look at it, you would think it was brand new, she really took good care if it.


Wireless -- I cannot connect the R51e directly to the ISP provided Modem, it seems to have something that prevents old wireless chips from connecting. But I can connect an old router to the ISP's modem via a cable then connect to the old router. But the wireless connection drops many times per day. Eventually, I may pick up a USB dongle for the R51e and see if that will help.

Links about the Challenge

Comics I need to see everyday plus the only Music Stream I use from a Computer. Without these sites, I would have had to bail :)

So far, this is working fine, I do notice a moderate speed difference when compared to my usual daily system. But all in all, for me, this is still a usable system.


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