Slackware and openmotif
Install openmotif on Slackware

Note, the following applies to Slackware version 14.1 64 bit and below.

This does NOT apply to Release 14.2 or above

But should work with earlier versions. You will just need to adjust the file names based upon the version you have installed.

If you are satisfied with lesstif then there is no real reason to install openmotif on Slackware at this point unless you are having issues with some custom Motif applications (or you want to try it out).

What follows is what I did to install openmotif on Slackware 14.1 64 bit. These items should be available for you to install openmotif:

This also assumes you are using 'stock' Slackware 64 bit with all security packages installed as of June 2014.

Thanks to alienbob, Vincent for their openmotif Slackbuilds and "edmond". for his pointer to host.def.

First remove these packages by using these commands:

Now we can install openmotif and dependencies.

Second, build and install openmotif from slackbuilds:

Important, now you will need to install/copy a file, without this file, all my prior attempts would cause strange minor issues. I built host.def using information from this French Site. Copy File host.def to /usr/lib64/X11/config/host.def and ensure it is readable by everyone.

You can now build and install xpdf and ddd standard Slackware Packages against openmotif (tetex has its own section):

Now you have a workable openmotif. The next step, if you want to be able to execute mwm, is to copy these files as follows:

Next is to rebuild tetex. The main purpose is of this section is to build binary "xdvi-motif.bin". The package build may fail, but you will get a valid openmotif version of binary "xdvi-motif.bin" which is what we want to achieve.

The instructions are complex, that is because these can install new files into an existing tetex install. You should read a few times to understand them, then start the process.

OR if you are very brave and a trusting sort, instead you can download the file for the 64 bit version of xdvi-motif.bin I built myself on 14.1 and skip this section.

Uncompress the binary and copy to /usr/share/texmf/bin/xdvi-motif.bin after saving the lesstif version.

Otherwise you can build it yourself as follows:

If all went well, openmotif will be installed and working on your Slackware 14.1 64 bit system.

To revert tetex back to lesstif, just do:

and you will still have the openmotif binary in case you reinstall openmotif. For all other packages, just uninstall and reinstall from the Slackware disk. But, even lesstif is recommends openmotif, so at this point I doubt you would want to revert back.

This screen is what mwm looks like on my system, it has rclock and wmWeather active.

These are my mwm setup files, they require vdesk.

vdesk is a great utility and allows you to have pseudo virtual desktops in just about any window manager, highly recommended. If you are going to use vdesk, you should add these commands to your mwm ~/.xinitrc:

These will "stick" some common clients, you may need to modify the script(s) depending on your needs.

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